10 Reasons Your Website Is Fundamental to the Growth of Your Business

Jun 1, 2022 | Website Design

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Kevin Fouche

10 Reasons Your Website Is Fundamental to the Growth of Your Business

Posted by Kevin Fouche, Pixel Fish Director

Kevin handles the planning, design, launch and training of every website that Pixel Fish creates. He ensures that every website is highly engaging and aligned with our client’s goals. With over 20 years of design and web industry experience to draw upon, Kevin aims to pass on his knowledge to our clients and like-minded businesses wanting to grow their online presence.

The internet world continues to transform how people connect and share information. With most people spending a lot of time online buying products or using a service, businesses have also moved online. Here are the Reasons Your Website Is Fundamental to the Growth of Your Business.

In this digital era, having a website is crucial for the success of any business. Not having one means losing out on opportunities to promote your business. A website will help you accomplish different marketing strategies to grow your business.

You can reach a larger audience through the web than any other type of advertising. Below are reasons why your website is fundamental to the growth of your business.

10 Reasons Your Website Is Fundamental to the Growth of Your Business

1. Sales

Sales and fulfilment are essential for success. It’s the only way to ensure your company is up and running. You can quickly go out of business if you can’t reach your customers.

You have to get more opportunities to reach more consumers to increase sales. A website improves the chances of generating leads who are likely to become repeat clients. It eliminates the need to engage with leads constantly since they can get the information they need from your site.

Your business will keep running with a website as clients can reach you anytime for the services they want. Besides, consumers can access your website from anywhere around the world.

It makes it easy for consumers to get more information about your business. They can easily get contact details from the website to buy your products or services. Hence, websites can increase your sales significantly as they help break geographical barriers.

2. Marketing

Marketing plays a huge role, especially if you want to expand your business. A website makes it easy for people to know more about your company when searching for products and services.

For example, if your offline business is booming and you want to expand, you should consider having a website. Use a specific keyword on the search engine for consumers to find your business easily whenever they search.

There are many ways to market your business, like display ads, social media, and other techniques. Come up with a great digital marketing plan to help drive more traffic to your site to grow your business. Identify your target audience based on demographics like location, gender, age, and more.

Before running online ads, you shit’s paramount to have a website that functions effectively. A reputable digital marketing agency can help you develop a marketing plan to attract relevant users to your website.

3. Improves credibility

Businesses that don’t have a website are perceived as less credible in the digital marketing place. The reason is that most companies nowadays have a website, so if you don’t have one, it may appear like there is something you are hiding.

A website helps to improve credibility as it provides an opportunity for consumers to get more information about your brand. Other than letting them know about your products and services, they will know about your company’s mission.

Establishing trust is crucial for building long-term relationships with customers. Consumers are interested in learning how a brand performs before purchasing any products or services. Use a website to establish authority by creating and publishing content that sets you apart from your competitors.

4. Visibility

Websites have allowed business owners to sell products and services without a physical store. Your website can be your online store, showroom, or office at a minimal cost.

A physical store provides visibility within a specific location based on its type. But a website helps create an online presence for any business, giving visibility with no bounds. Users from all over the world will have access to the website.

It’s possible to have a good website, but users will not find it if it is not visible. Online visibility helps daily visitors find your website on their own, which helps build your brand’s reputation.

Ecommerce platforms offer SEO tools, but business owners also share the responsibility of improving online visibility. Engaging content will help create better buyer relationships, and visitors will find a reason to visit your website.

5. Round-The-Clock Customer Support

Savvy business owners understand that excellent customer service is not limited to regular business hours. Today, what matters most is the ability to provide uninterrupted 24/7 support to your clients.

Providing customer support online is cost-effective and more effortless than hiring personnel to do the same. A website is crucial as you can offer customer support in many ways.

FAQs are the most preferred by marketing managers and business owners. All frequently asked questions (FAQs) get answered on the website. You save time and resources while providing relevant and precise details to customers.

Chatbots also address frequent questions from customers through template answers. They also provide essential information to users like services/products, signing up procedures, and much more.

6. Quality Counts

A lot of people who visit your site may not have met you. And there are high chances that most will never meet you in person. This is because the internet has made it easy to buy products online anywhere and anytime.

Keep in mind that they are not familiar with your product or company. They are unsure whether they can trust you to offer what you claim. That’s why it’s essential to make the right first impression.

Visitors will check how your Web Design looks and make assumptions about your business. It means you need to present an authoritative, professional image to win in your industry. An attractive website that’s easy to navigate will go a long way in persuading visitors to contact you.

7. Your Website Will Work 24/7

People search for products and services at their convenience. It may not necessarily be within the same time zone or during business hours.

Your physical store can only be open from Monday to Friday during business hours, but a website will work 24/7. It means it will be accessible to everyone anywhere and anytime. Customers can check out your site and get the necessary details during non-business hours.

Good representation online is an integral part of becoming a successful business owner. Establishing a greater audience reach will increase your customer base.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and up-to-date. Many people use their devices when searching for products and services, so your site should be easy to navigate regardless of the device used.

8. Cost-Effective

The price of website development and hosting has reduced significantly over the years. It costs several hundred dollars a year to establish your web presence.

Besides, you can upgrade your site at any time if your budget allows. Or, you can use WordPress to learn how to build your site.

A website is not only inexpensive, but it is also virtually risk-free. Unlike other advertising mediums where you’re locked into paying hundreds of dollars monthly for the same ad, you can remove or change your website whenever you please.

9. Updates and Announcements

A website keeps customers engaged and content. Developing a trusting relationship with clients is how you get them to stick with you for a long time.

With a website, you can strengthen this relationship further by ensuring customers stay informed about your business at all times. A website’s constant availability and convenience allow you to resolve clients’ concerns faster to deliver better results.

Every business owner needs to publish announcements and be confident that visitors will see them. Keep visitors updated by using website announcement bars. Notification bars are more efficient, especially on mobile, as they are less intrusive.

You can post announcements and regular updates to inform your customers what you’re currently offering and your plans for the future. It is a great way to generate leads and increase sales.

10. Better Customer Experience

Businesses usually get calls from existing and prospective customers to find out about simple things like hours of operation. You often may not respond to calls, making the client unhappy. Also, answering so many calls may affect the productivity of your employees.

A well-designed responsive website makes it easier for clients to find information, eliminating the need to call. Your employees will focus on other important matters as easily accessible information encourages a better customer experience.

Customer experience is a result of interaction between a company and a client. Building better customer experiences means investing in your clients to ensure they are content with your services. Customer-friendly websites should have a clean design that is easy to navigate to encourage clients to check out your services.

Reviews are also an essential part of a great website. Honest opinions from actual customers will give your business the human appeal that potential customers are searching for.

Choose the Best Website Design Agency

Now that you know some Reasons Your Website Is Fundamental to your business growth, the next step is to hire a professional to create a great website for your business. The right website design agency will have the skills to build secure, optimized, user-friendly and mobile responsive websites. Also, they will design sites that connect seamlessly with different online marketing channels like e-mail and social media.

Hire Pixel Fish, a leading website design agency in Sydney. We create the best WordPress websites for business owners and marketing managers to help them convert website visitors into loyal clients. Every website that we develop is custom-designed to beat your competition.

Contact us today for more information about our services.

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