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For a website to have its best chance at organic SEO ranking, SEO Keyword Research is a vital first step in determining which are the very best keywords for your business to target via your website content and site optimisation.
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Pixel Fish will work closely with you to ensure we have a solid understanding of your business, sector, services, customers and competitors and then discover the most valuable keywords for your website’s SEO strategy.

We provide professional Search Engine Optimisation Keyword Research focused on growing our customer’s online rankings through targeted Keyword Research, Optimisation and Reporting.

Once the ideal search terms have been decided, this forms the foundation of website content and future SEO-driven Content Marketing via blogs.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Put simply, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO improves your website’s visibility and pages in search engine results. It’s a giant online popularity contest where your business aims to be on the top of the list for your chosen search terms. It is a well-known fact that businesses that appear higher up on the results list receive exponentially more clicks through to their website, otherwise known as website traffic. Hence, companies constantly compete to be higher up the list, which drives traffic into enquiries and sales.

The importance of SEO Keyword Research

Performing thorough SEO Keyword Research forms the foundation behind your organic SEO success. Analysing possible search queries and refining results based on several factors makes it possible to target specific Search Queries for your website strategically. Implemented correctly and backed over time with ongoing blogging, it can lead to higher search results and, ultimately, success.

SEO Keyword Research Process

1. Understanding Your Business

We will work closely with you to understand your business’s ultimate goal from your website. This will involve looking at your areas of expertise, range of services, product offerings, location, ideal target market, competitors and desired search queries.

* We highly recommend our clients complement our SEO Keyword Research with our Content Writing Service to ensure your website communicates with your audience effectively and leads to a higher conversion rate.

2. SEO Keyword Research

Pixel Fish will then research the best possible keyword combinations for your business. Our research will take into account your range of service offerings, location and existing ranking key phrases. We will refine keywords based upon various criteria such as search volume, difficulty and level of suitability for your business and clients.

3. Presentation & Approval

Once we have worked through our list, we will present you with; 1) The Final Revised Keyword List for your reference and 2) the Final Page-Specific Keyword Phrase Suggestions for targeting through your website.

SEO Keyword Research Service

  • Keyword Research for 6-Page Website
  • Provision of the Final Revised Keyword List to the client (Typically approx 25-30 final Keyword Phrases)
  • 6 x Final Page-Specific Keyword Phrase Suggestions

Speak to Pixel Fish today to see how we can help your business with SEO Keyword Research and Strategy.

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