7 Top Reasons to Choose Elementor for Your Next Website

May 18, 2022 | Elementor, Landing Pages, Website Design

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Kevin Fouche

7 Top Reasons to Choose Elementor for Your Next Website

Posted by Kevin Fouche, Pixel Fish Director

Kevin handles the planning, design, launch and training of every website that Pixel Fish creates. He ensures that every website is highly engaging and aligned with our client’s goals. With over 20 years of design and web industry experience to draw upon, Kevin aims to pass on his knowledge to our clients and like-minded businesses wanting to grow their online presence.

Elementor has established itself as a dynamic drag-and-drop website building platform that enables web creators to build stunning, comprehensive WordPress websites even without a coding background. Lets explore the main Reasons to Choose Elementor for Your Next Website

This platform has certainly taken the market by storm with hundreds of widgets, integrations, website templates and design tools that make it simply the best. Elementor users can customise and scale their WordPress website building process as the platform’s intuitive UI effectively simplifies design complexities.

Launched in 2016, Elementor is currently active on over 5,000,000 + websites and has garnered an impressive 94% rating on WordPress.

Needless to say, the features and impressive numbers should probably inform why you should use Elementor as your next website builder. In case they don’t, here are additional reasons why Elementor should be your partner as you create a better website for a better business online presence.

7 Top Reasons to Choose Elementor for Your Next Website

1. Availability of the Full Website Kits

In July 2021, Elementor released a new feature-the Full Website Kits. These featured 5 Free Subscriber kits, 65 Pro Subscriber Kits, and 20 Expert Subscriber kits. While these might not be considered such a great improvement seeing as page, section, and pop-up templates were already available in the library, these full website kits were a much-needed addition.

This new feature can successfully export an entire website as a kit. This means that you can include your homepage, footers, headers, single pages and much more in one export. Each of the kit’s components will share the same design and styling language, thus making it even easier during customization.

Notably, each of the website kits has been designed by a top-notch team and Elementor experts. These experts take into account the cutting-edge trends for web creators. The output is a full website kit from the Elementor Library that you can use to quickly get started on a new website. Besides, you can get inspiration from the advanced design options available.

2. Better Marketing Support

Elementor has, in the recent past, undertaken an ongoing effort to empower marketers to achieve more through the platform.

In respect to this endeavour, the platform, in March of 2021, introduced the Form Submissions to Elementor Pro. Arguably, the addition of this new Form Submissions feature can be viewed as a natural addition to the form widget. All the same, it is expected to allow the administrator of the website to collect as much information as possible as part of lead supply in Elementor.

A closer look at these form submissions further informs why you should use Elementor as your next website builder. Specifically, the forms ensure that you gain direct access, which you can use to leverage your users’ data. You can go a step further after accessing said data. You can analyse it and ultimately export it to a CSV. You can also filter through the forms where you can easily view, edit or delete submissions.

3. Extended eCommerce Capabilities

eCommerce is here to stay, seeing how there’s mad rave over the comfort consumers experience buying from their own homes or while on the move through their mobile devices. Besides, as a business, you probably want to take advantage of the ease of selling products online.

Elementor helps your business increase conversion and boost sales. To elevate the shopping experience, Elementor undertook the Menu Card Widget improvements. This allows users to further customize the appearance of the menu cart. You have additional styling capabilities and a neat mini-cart that comes off as being less intrusive to the shopping experience.

What’s more, Elementor features new Cart, Checkout and My Account widgets. You get the option of customizing the style and appearance of some integral pages on your online store. Besides, it is relatively simple to eliminate redundant buttons, thus further enhancing the customer’s experience.

To streamline your workflow, Elementor also provides you with Dynamic WooCommerce Tags and New WooCommerce Pages in Site Settings, both of which make it possible to include data from WooCommerce to any page on your website. Overall, you should generally experience an easier time configuring your WooCommerce pages without the inconvenience of leaving the WordPress dashboard.

The customers are also taken care of with Elementor. This is made possible by Ajax loading, which optimizes the consumer’s experience by allowing them to quickly load additional products on the page and adjust the items without having to reload the page.

Finally, you have the Paypal button, which makes payment collection convenient. You can use the Paypal Button widget to create a customised button, eliminating the need to set up complicated third-party plugins.

4. Flexibility

Granted, the page and website builder is expected to eliminate the need for custom code. The trade-off is that you end up with little control over the layout. Specifically, you cannot customise the position of the elements that will feature on your site.

Suppose you want to add custom code to a page on your website. With Elementor, you can edit the theme file or use additional plugins. You can, for instance, add Google Analytics or Facebook Tracking Codes, which come in especially handy during marketing. Think of it as adding JavaScript to customise your own cursor.

Elementor is great since it gives you tons of intuitive controls that ensure you are okay with where your widgets, sections, and columns go. You can manually set padding and margin for sections, columns, and widgets. What’s more, you can adjust the column widths by just dragging the divider between columns. Finally, you can create a blank space between columns with adjustable column gaps. Altogether, this flexibility that allows you to customise the code and how your website looks is why you ought to try out Elementor.

5. Ability to Create Dedicated Landing Pages

As part of Elementor’s toolbox, marketers have a landing page builder that allows the creation of landing pages that keep the site’s visitors engaged. Using the Editor’s Drag and Drop capabilities, you can create dedicated landing pages that will enable you to direct users to a specific page or funnel without the risk of losing them in a menu maze.

With the specialty builder, you can create a landing page that doesn’t inherently take up the design language or navigation menu present within the main website. This puts your users within the funnel, which should bring about greater conversion.

6. Possibility of Achieving Pixel-Perfect Designs

In August of 2021, Elementor added four additional breakpoints, making those available a total of 6, all meant to empower the website builder as it pertains to the final look of the website on a total of 7 different device types.

Custom Breakpoints makes it possible to choose the breakpoint and adjust the styling employed to ensure that the users view the website optimally, regardless of the device.

7. Mobile Previews and Responsive Design Controls

As a business looking to establish itself in the online space, it would be best if you took account of the fact that a massive portion of the web’s traffic seems to be happening online nowadays. As such, you want to curate your website to ensure that the mobile version of your site looks just as great.

In response to this, the platform ensures that all the designs you create with Elementor are automatically responsive. When you want to view how your design will look on a different device, Elementor allows you to quickly launch a preview without having to leave the interface. You can even take this a little further by allowing the platform to show or hide individual widgets on certain devices.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read up on the Reasons to Choose Elementor, hopefully, you have a solid understanding of its key benefits. Unlike other page and website builders in the market today, Elementor has made a name for itself as it has solid features and regular updates. The latter makes it quite stable and secure, which should leave you feeling right at home. In hindsight, while most builders seem to announce a new security patch every few months, Elementor seems to have security under lock.

With Elementor, your website gets to harness the power of the pop-up builder, which allows things like triggers and conditions. What’s more, you have available to you, The Finder, which allows you to search through the different pages, posts, templates and other native functions, which translates to having impressive control even while working with a website builder. Besides, your business should benefit from having Woocommerce built into the design, which helps you customize things such as the shopping cart pages and product pages. Finally, wouldn’t it be neat if you could style across multiple pages? Well, this is made significantly straightforward with the right-click, copy and pasting of widgets. Altogether, these are the top reasons to use Elementor as your next website builder.

If you are looking for a team that can help you with incorporating Elementor into your website design to help take the design beyond the limitations of themes, Pixel Fish is the team for you.

We tap into the different functionalities of Elementor to help your website stay away from familiarity and potentially stand out against the mass online commercial competition. Get started today, and let us help you take your business to the next level with a beautiful Wordpress Website design.

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