3 Reasons Your WordPress Website Must be Optimised for Mobile

Jun 13, 2017 | Mobile Responsive Design, WordPress

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Kevin Fouche

3 Reasons Your WordPress Website Must be Optimised for Mobile

Posted by Kevin Fouche, Pixel Fish Director

Kevin handles the planning, design, launch and training of every website that Pixel Fish creates. He ensures that every website is highly engaging and aligned with our client’s goals. With over 20 years of design and web industry experience to draw upon, Kevin aims to pass on his knowledge to our clients and like-minded businesses wanting to grow their online presence.

Are you ready for the mobile revolution? For the sake of your digital marketing success, you better be. That revolution is not just coming – it’s already here. Let’s explore the 3 Reasons Your WordPress Website Must be Optimised for Mobile.

Increasingly, mobile-friendly web design is moving from a competitive advantage to a must. As more and more users across the globe surf the web on their mobile devices, they expect websites that are just as friendly on a 4 inch screen as they would be on a large desktop monitor.

Is your online presence ready for these rising expectations? If not, here are 3 reasons your WordPress Website must be optimised for mobile.

3 Reasons Your WordPress Website Must be Optimised for Mobile

  1. Your Visitors Demand It
  2. Google Loves It
  3. The Future Expects It

1. Your Visitors Demand It

Let’s begin with the most noticeable part. Last year, mobile internet usage surpassed its desktop counterpart for the first time. It’s not just a global phenomenon, either; A 2015 Nielsen report found that Australians spend almost two thirds of their time browsing the internet from mobile devices. Since then, the gap has only widened, and now a significant majority of potential visitors to your website will likely to so from their smartphone or tablet.

Not surprisingly, that major trend has significant implications for your WordPress website. More than 80 per cent of all mobile users expect a seamless online experience, regardless of which device or screen size they use.

That seamless experience means a mobile-optimised website above all else. Responsive design for your WordPress site is a great start, but you should go beyond that minimum. Fast loading times, an emphasis of visuals over long blocks of text, and intuitive navigation is all part of the smooth mobile experience that your audience demands.

2. Google Loves It

Much can be said about Google, but the world’s largest search engine is nothing if not consistent. If its users start shifting in behaviour, it will adjust its algorithm to show the most relevant and user-friendly results for that shifting behaviour.

So when searches began shifting toward mobile in 2015, Google naturally adjusted. The result was the vaunted Mobilegeddon, an algorithm update designed to give preference to mobile-friendly and responsive websites for any search from a smartphone or tablet. Since then, Google has continued to shift its focus toward its increasingly desktop-averse user base.

Today, it’s impossible to imagine a successful SEO strategy without emphasising this mobile-friendliness. Responsive design and other indicators for catering to your mobile visitors can significantly improve your search engine rankings.

3. The Future Expects It

If you think the mobile revolution is here, hold on to your seats: we’re just getting started. Given the rapid rise and ubiquity in smartphones and tablets worldwide, it’s no longer difficult to imagine a world in which most of your web visitors won’t even have access to a desktop computer anymore. Time’s 2014 prediction that the next billion internet users will be mobile-only no longer sounds like an exaggeration.

The adjustments for that future are already in the pipeline. Google, for instance, has announced a major forthcoming Mobile First update. Once implemented, it will prioritise mobile-friendly pages not just for smartphone and tablet users, but all of the 3.5 billion searches on the search engine every day.

When that happens, your website needs to be prepared. Rather than hoping that most of your visitors still browse on desktop computers, it makes sense to make the change to mobile optimisation now. You will not only improve your user experience but gain a crucial competitive advantage over businesses lagging further behind in the process.

In other words, your WordPress website must be optimised for mobile, and sooner rather than later. To get started in that regard, you need a trusted partner who can transform your static online presence into a dynamic, future-oriented destination for your target audience. Contact us today to get the conversation started.

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