6 Amazing Mobile Website Design Benefits for Your Business

Mar 21, 2017 | Mobile Responsive Design

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Kevin Fouche

6 Amazing Mobile Website Design Benefits for Your Business

Posted by Kevin Fouche, Pixel Fish Director

Kevin handles the planning, design, launch and training of every website that Pixel Fish creates. He ensures that every website is highly engaging and aligned with our client’s goals. With over 20 years of design and web industry experience to draw upon, Kevin aims to pass on his knowledge to our clients and like-minded businesses wanting to grow their online presence.

More than ever, people are browsing the web using their smartphones. In fact, smartphone browsing has overtaken desktop browsing in recent times. For this reason, it’s vital that your business has a responsive website that’s optimized for viewing by smartphone users.

What are the advantages of integrating mobile-friendly design into your website? We’ve compiled these 6 design benefits that you’re sure to see upon your next mobile-centric redesign.

6 Amazing Mobile Website Design Benefits for Your Business

1. Great design in a compact setting

Many companies neglect mobile design. Sites that only consider desktop browsers can be slow to load by a mobile browser and use up too much of the user’s data. Even worse, a site design for a desktop might not translate well to the smaller screen of a smartphone.

A site designed for viewing on a mobile phone will consider the smaller screen real estate. The graphic design is often compelling and gripping for the viewer. In addition, it will be optimized for the lesser bandwidth and data considerations that so typify mobile browsing, resulting in a superior browsing experience.

2. Increased sales due to ease of browsing

Clearly, obscure, opaque and unusual site designs hinder a company’s bottom line. Successful conversions are made possible by reducing any friction between the user and the sale; in other words, selling your product or service must take the least possible effort on the part of a visitor to your website.

Ensuring your site is optimized for mobile is a great way to reduce this friction for your mobile customers.

3. Maps help guide mobile visitors to your location

Brick and mortar businesses can benefit a lot from giving users a direct route to their establishment. Instead of making someone type your business’s name and general location into their mapping app, a mobile-friendly site can derive great benefit from including a Google map centred on the location of the business. That way, the website viewer is but a click away from finding out how to get there directly.

4. Multi-language support expands your customer base

This globalized age has eradicated language boundaries that previously were insurmountable. A big part of this has been localized websites and apps that detect the user’s language and provide content accordingly. Thanks to the mobile platform’s location services, this is an easy way to ensure that your users get the information they need about your services.

5. Mobile users are quicker to convert

The mobile platform lends itself to quick decisions. As a consequence, mobile users tend to go through the conversion at a quicker rate than their desktop counterparts. Part of this is through the nature of the mobile medium, and part of it is because the mobile design is often more direct and to the point due to the small size of mobile screens.

6. Google rewards responsive sites

In recent months, Google has been taking steps to encourage webmasters to improve their mobile presence. Accordingly, when it detects a site optimized for mobile, most notably incorporating principles of responsive design, it tends to give that site a better ranking in search results. If you haven’t already, the resulting traffic boost alone is a great reason to incorporate responsive design into your current site.

As rates of mobile browsing increase year after year, it’s become clear to many business owners that mobile design is no longer optional. Therefore, it’s imperative to adopt mobile-friendly technology now while you’re still ahead of the curve and experience the Mobile Website Design Benefits to be had. Consult Pixel Fish today for a free consultation on how we can improve your existing web presence for mobile users.

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