Top 5 Learning Management WordPress Plugins

Nov 25, 2021 | Website Plugins, WordPress

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Kevin Fouche

Top 5 Learning Management WordPress Plugins

Posted by Kevin Fouche, Pixel Fish Director

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As the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the world, businesses began leveraging online courses to offer expert advice to clients they could no longer meet. As the popularity of e-learning continues to grow, more businesses will undoubtedly join the bandwagon in the coming years. Let’s explore some Learning Management WordPress Plugins.

Adding a Learning Management System (LMS) to your WordPress website transforms it into a learning platform without requiring you to write a code. These plugins allow industry experts to create, manage, and sell courses from their dashboards.

What is a Learning Management System?

An LMS is a software app that provides the framework for handling everything involved in the learning process. The system hosts, delivers and tracks your training content. If you’re a business owner or marketing professional and want to pass on your expertise to others, an LMS will help you to identify and assess organizational and individual learning goals. Besides, it enables you to monitor progress towards attaining those goals. It also provides real-time data for supervising the process.

If your organization has a WordPress website, installing Learning Management System WordPress plugins comes with several benefits, including:

  • Cost Savings – Teaching or training via an LMS minimizes travel and other related costs while optimizing training usage and expenditure.
  • Consistency – With a decentralized training program, achieving consistency is hard. On the flip side, an LMS centralizes course delivery and training. Also, consistent learning quality is attained since instructions, course content, and materials get delivered from one source.
  • Progress Tracking – An LMS allows you to generate training reports quickly. Thus, you can track knowledge gains, ROI, and progress efficiently.
  • Regulatory Compliance – In industries such as oil and gas, building and construction, and pharmaceuticals, regular employee training is required for compliance purposes. With an LMS, it’s easy to roll out remote training programs without requiring everyone to be in the same place. This helps you to fulfil relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

What are the Best Learning Management System WordPress Plugins?

Here’s a look at the top five best WordPress LMS plugins you can leverage to create online courses:

1. LearnDash

For an easy-to-use WordPress LMS plugin that enables you to create and sell courses, award certificates, and even create online quizzes, look no further than LearnDash. Most Fortune 500 companies and top universities use this LMS to deliver their training content. LearnDash is fast, feature-set, and offers an impressive course design. Besides, it comes with a full suite of tools for selling courses, rewarding learners, and content dripping.

With LearnDash, you have a robust learning platform that supports micro-content trends, social learning, and even gamification. You can sell your online courses through:

  • Memberships – LearnDash allows you to sell membership access to your online courses lineup
  • One-Time Pricing – This allows one-time users to purchase content without the obligation of subscribing to future courses
  • Subscriptions – You can optimize your organization’s revenue through recurring subscriptions and payments for your online courses
  • Course Licenses – If you’re training many people, LearDash allows you to purchase content licenses in bulk before granting access to learners.

LearnDash also comes with a premium add-on known as Multiple Instructors. With this add-on, you can allow other people within or outside your organization to create their paid courses on your WordPress website. You earn a commission every time other instructors on your website sell their courses. Pricing for the LearnDash plugin is set annually, making it pretty affordable in the short run.

You only pay $159 during the first year for LearnDash to support your website. However, the figure will jump to $189 per year for a 10-site license. On the flip side, LearnDash is a premium plugin, so it doesn’t offer a free trial. Nonetheless, you can cancel your subscription within 30 days if you don’t like the plugin.

2. LifterLMS

This is another convenient LMS WordPress plugin that allows you to create and sell courses on your website. An advantage of LifterLMS is that you can expand its basic functionalities by incorporating it with powerful extensions such as PayPal and Stripe. As with LearnDash, this plugin also provides features like social learning, one-on-one coaching, certificates, and achievement badges.

When you sign up as a content creator and tutor, LifterLMS enables you to monetize your LMS platforms through memberships, selling course bundles, and providing members-only pricing. Hence, this LMS WordPress plugin is excellent for those who wish to create and sell online courses to members via their websites.

Key features of this LMS WordPress plugin include:

  • WooCommerce integration allows you to sell courses individually or in bundles
  • Drag-and-drop course-building integration and tools ideal for beginners with minimal design experience
  • Free training courses
  • Customer support, including live office hours

LifterLMS pricing starts at $299 annually for a full bundle. Nonetheless, you can save money by purchasing the add-ons individually since they are sold at $99 each. Besides, Lifter LMS provides a $1 30-day free trial to incentivize you into trying it out before committing to pay the entire price.

3. WP Courseware

If you’re looking for an affordable yet competitive LMS plugin, look no further than WP Courseware. Starting at only $99 annually, this is one of the most affordable plugins. In addition, the fee gets you a two-site license bonus. This plugin is an easy-to-use solution for selling courses via your WordPress website, thanks to its drag-and-drop feature.

WP Courseware also comes equipped with a powerful quiz feature that allows you to create complex quizzes, set timers, and even reset retake limits. The advanced automation tools of the plugin send personalized emails triggered by your students’ activities, thus helping you track performance. Like other LMS plugins, WP Courseware also features a course content drip system to help you schedule the release of your training content at specific intervals after enrollment.

The LMS plugin has an on-site demo, which is the closest thing to a free trial. The demo is beautifully designed and has actual content to pique your interest and get your creativity going.

4. Teachable

Teachable is an all-inclusive online course creator tool designed to help you create insightful online courses easily. These courses can either be integrated into your existing WordPress website or hosted on a teachable subdomain. The plugin gives you the tools to create and share learning content and earn from your expertise. With Teachable, you reach your students anytime and anywhere while earning an income on your terms. The best part is that the LMS is simplified, so all it takes is one click to get started.

Teachable boasts more than 100,000 creators who have cumulatively sold $1 billion worth of courses. The plugin provides customization tools that allow you to easily create and personalize your content while showing off your brand’s unique POV. In general, Teachable is a solid and straightforward platform with a clean interface, which allows you to present your courses professionally.

Teachable is available in four plans; Free, Basic, Pro, and Business. As someone who offers courses on your website, it’s best to choose the Business plan, which retails at $249 per month. The plan allows bulk student enrollments, manual student imports, group coaching calls, and custom user roles. 20 admin-level users are also allowed, which comes in handy when giving masterclasses.

5. Master Study LMS

Considered as one of the best Learning Management System WordPress plugins, Master Study LMS is the go-to plugin for those with feature-rich educational sites. It’s designed to transform your WordPress website into a professional platform for creating and selling courses. Master Study LMS is also a versatile plugin encompassing all the necessary tools you need to manage quizzes, courses, and your educational content.

An advantage of Master Study LMS is that its available free of charge. The friendly tool is also ideal for use with WordPress 4.6 websites and offers easy integration and fantastic text editing capabilities. Thanks to the plugin’s smooth transitions and fast page loading, integrating it into your WordPress website gives it a professional look.

Master Study LMS is also easy to use. Notable features of the plugin include the ability to breathe interactive education videos, which can get integrated with graphs, slides, images, videos, and other attachments. The plugin also allows you to add lessons to each course and break them down into smaller sections for concise delivery to your learners. Furthermore, the plugin is multilingual, which means you can adapt the interface to whatever language you prefer.

Final Thoughts

With so many LMS plugins available, choosing one that suits your WordPress website can be challenging. Nonetheless, it’s best to remember that the ideal plugin enhances the functionality of your WordPress website besides enriching your courses. It’s equally crucial to pick an LMS plugin that allows you to create and manage courses and your student’s progress easily.

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