Top 15 New WooCommerce Extensions Your Store Needs in 2022

Feb 3, 2022 | eCommerce, WooCommerce

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Kevin Fouche

Top 15 New WooCommerce Extensions Your Store Needs in 2022

Posted by Kevin Fouche, Pixel Fish Director

Kevin handles the planning, design, launch and training of every website that Pixel Fish creates. He ensures that every website is highly engaging and aligned with our client’s goals. With over 20 years of design and web industry experience to draw upon, Kevin aims to pass on his knowledge to our clients and like-minded businesses wanting to grow their online presence.

The main WooCommerce plugin has the basic features your business or company website requires to sell products or services online. However, you may need to install extensions (additional features) to customise the store and enhance its functionality.

For instance, you may want to follow up with your WooCommerce store customers, get detailed sales reports, integrate your store with your accounting software, and so forth. These features would allow you to improve your store and run it more efficiently. And extensions are created for that purpose.

One thing to remember, though, is that third-party software always presents a security risk. So you need to exercise due diligence before installing an extension by ensuring it comes from a reputable source.

WooCommerce has a load of its own extensions but also features products from other developers on its store. You may also acquire the extensions from a third-party repository. Fortunately, there are both free and premium products; hence you have an option to improve your store’s functionality no matter your budget.

With that said, let’s look at the 15 new WooCommerce extensions you need to consider to improve your store in 2022.

Top 15 New WooCommerce Extensions Your Store Needs in 2022

1. Vimeo

Video is a powerful marketing tool, and which is no wonder most marketing professionals use it and are satisfied with its results. The reason for video success is none other than the fact that people enjoy watching visual content over reading text, and as statistics indicate, this translates to increased qualified leads.

Thanks to Vimeo, you can easily turn your product images into engaging videos and convert more of your audiences. From product introduction to new product arrival announcements, testimonials, and highlighting a special sale, Vimeo has ready templates to aid your creation. Besides offering customisable templates for easier creation, the software also allows you to automate video production, track results, and lots more.

Cost: Free Download

2. Follow-Ups

Following up with converted customers is an excellent way of creating a stream of repeat business and a loyal customer base. In addition, tracking down prospects that have shown interest in your business increases the chances of converting them.

The easiest way of achieving this on your WooCommerce store is using an extension to follow up with the customers and prospects and keep them engaged with your business. Created by WooCommerce, Follow-Ups is one such software you can use to engage your customers with less effort.

With Follow-Ups, you can email or tweet the customers, automate your email marketing, customise email templates, personalise the messages, track email results, integrate your WooCommerce email system into your marketing plan, and so forth. Generally, the software offers the tools you need to run successful email marketing for your WooCommerce store.

Cost: $99 Billed Annually

3. Progressive Discounts

Customers love discounts. For this reason, designing a smart discount program goes a long way in boosting a store’s sales.

Progressive Discounts allow you to reward your customers for buying large quantities or spending more. Consequently, this boosts the chances of increased sales.

With Progressive Discounts, you can offer discounts in fixed percentages, link progressive discounts to cart subtotals or unit quantities, set a time range for the campaign, and so forth.

Cost: $79 Billed Annually

4. PayPal Zettle

Convenient payment methods help minimise the likelihood of cart abandonment. And PayPal Zettle makes this possible with their point of sale solution that you can integrate into your WooCommerce store.

With PayPal Zettle, you can allow your customers to use various popular payment types for easy checkout. Whether they pay using contactless, card, or mobile payment, the proceeds automatically reflect on your PayPal account.

Cost: Free Download

5. LiveChat

Excellent customer service is crucial for business success. Ideally, customers expect high-quality service, and meeting this expectation is a hands-off way of winning their loyalty. Not only do happy customers refer others, but customer retention is far much cheaper than customer acquisition.

LifeChat allows you to create positive customer experiences with your WooCommerce customers and prospects. Installing LiveChat for sales and support helps increase engagement by allowing your team to connect easily with store visitors. Responding to their queries or receiving live orders is a handy way to increase customer satisfaction, impact brand image, and increase sales.

Cost: Free Download

6. Stripe

Stripe is another payment solution created by WooCommerce that provides easy and quick checkouts. With Stripe, the customers can make the payment directly on the store without redirection to an external page.

Installing Stripe can allow your customers to pay using all major credit and debit cards, plus local payment methods (e.g. contactless).

Cost: Free Download

7. WooCommerce Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful solution that provides insights into your online performance. WooCommerce’s Google Analytics extension allows you to track data such as users, sessions, and events. The extension also filters admin visits for more accurate reporting. Moreover, it supports display advertising, allowing you to track the performance of your paid campaigns.

You can gain insights from WooCommerce Google Analytics including individual channel (social, email, ads, etc.) performance, tracking customer journeys (from product page to checkout), understanding customer intent, etc.

Cost:  Free Download

8. AutomateWoo – Birthdays

Birthday emails are powerful conversion avenues. With high click and transaction rates, you can never go wrong by sending your customers warm birthday wishes on their special day.

AutomateWoo – Birthdays by WooCommerce allows you to install the extension on your store and collect birthdate details from your customers as they check out. Then on their birthday, you can delight them with a personalised message and an irresistible coupon.

In addition to building customer loyalty, AutomateWoo – Birthdays is an excellent extension for boosting sales.

Cost: $39 Billed Annually

9. Trustpilot Reviews

Reviews are a powerful tool in shaping customer decisions. A business that prioritises collecting authentic customer reviews stands to gain immensely. Among other benefits, they provide free advertising, improved search engine results, and better customer relations.

Generally, consumers value genuine reviews as they help them make informed purchasing decisions. With Trustpilot Reviews, you can collect and display verified reviews of your products/services/brand and aid your prospects’ decision-making.

Cost: Free Download

10. HubSpot for WooCommerce

HubSpot is an excellent platform with free and paid tools designed to help you grow your online business. From customer service, marketing, and sales, you name it, HubSpot is an all-in-one platform with the resources you need to attract and engage new customers.

The HubSpot for WooCommerce extension allows you to connect your store to HubSpot. Through the integration, you can sync, automate, and analyse data from your WooCommerce store to better your strategies.

Cost: Free Download

11. QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce

QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce allows for increased efficiency and accuracy in accounting. With the integration, you can sync orders (invoice, sales receipts, etc.), product inventories, customers, and more. In turn, it saves you hours of manual data entry while enhancing accuracy.

Cost: Free Download

12. Merge Orders

Merge Orders extension takes away the inefficiency of processing multiple orders from the same customer. With the extension, you can combine multiple orders, processing and shipping them as one.

In addition to improving administrative workflow, the extension can help you cut back on packaging and shipping costs. Consequently, you can boost the overall customer experience by enabling your customers to receive everything they ordered at once.

Cost: $49 Billed Annually

13. WooCommerce Sales Report Email

WooCommerce Sales Report Email extension allows you to receive clear but detailed sales reports directly on your email. With the reports automatically delivered, you can learn which products are doing well even without logging into the store. Moreover, you can customise the frequency of the reports according to your preference, e.g., daily, weekly, or monthly.

Cost: $29 Billed Annually

14. SEO Product Filter

SEO Product Filter powers your SEO by optimising your marketing efforts for improved conversions. With the software, you can optimise your products for search by adding various types of metadata; URL, title, H1, meta description and keywords.

Generally, the software has broad functionality – from generating keyword-rich URLs to creating multiple landing pages, allowing numerous filtering options, and automating sitemap management to enhance crawl-ability. Installing the extension allows you to improve the user experience with increased filtering, potentially boosting conversions.

Cost: $79 Billed Annually

15. Pinterest for WooCommerce

Pinterest is a unique social platform whose users’ primary objective is to find ideas or products/services they’re interested in. As such, the platform wields huge marketing potential for businesses.

Pinterest for WooCommerce allows you to connect your store, making the entire catalogue browsable. Once you link the store to your Pinterest business account, people looking for ideas or products related to what you’re selling can find you and visit your store in a few clicks.

Cost: Free Download


WooCommerce is a powerful plugin that allows business owners to create and manage their online stores, even with no tech background. This is especially made possible by the thousands of available extensions that help them customise their stores and add more functionality. We hope, out of the 15 new WooCommerce extensions we have discussed, you will get a bunch to help you improve your WooCommerce store in 2022.

And as always, remember, we are here to help you with your website design needs. At Pixel Fish, we are all about creating beautiful websites for better businesses. If you need a website for your business or require an agency to manage your company website, talk to us and let’s help you take your business to the next level.

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