The Best Social Media Feed Plugins for WordPress

Aug 24, 2023 | Social Media, Website Design, Website Plugins

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Kevin Fouche

The Best Social Media Feed Plugins for WordPress

Posted by Kevin Fouche, Pixel Fish Director

Kevin handles the planning, design, launch and training of every website that Pixel Fish creates. He ensures that every website is highly engaging and aligned with our client’s goals. With over 20 years of design and web industry experience to draw upon, Kevin aims to pass on his knowledge to our clients and like-minded businesses wanting to grow their online presence.

For many websites’ success, social media integration is a must and choosing an appropriate social media feeds plugin for WordPress can help achieve this. There are several good options to choose from when it comes to finding the best social media feed plugins for your site that will promote your brand, drive traffic and engage with visitors. Here we provide you with some tips on how to pick out the right one according to your needs.

WordPress Social Media Plugins: A Short Summary

  • Deploying a Social Media Plugin on your WordPress Website can bring enhanced user interaction, optimized content promotion, and improved brand exposure.
  • When selecting the right plugin for you, consider the type of website, desired features & budget. Compare features & pricing, read reviews to ensure well supported, and check compatibility with the WP version.
  • The top plugins highlighted include Smash Balloon Social Post Feed, EmbedSocial 10Web SM Post Feed etc.

Benefits of deploying a Social Media Plugin on your WordPress Website

The utilization of various social media networks in website marketing strategies has become commonplace. By integrating a WordPress plugin specifically designed for social media, your site can benefit from increased user interaction and content promotion while simplifying the process of managing these networks. As they continue to gain prominence, it is clear that incorporating them into websites gives an advantage over competitors who don’t make use of this powerful tool.

Highlighting shared elements on your platform will lead to more followers, higher engagement rates, and brand awareness within broader audiences. It’s advised to invest in high-quality plugins with features such as login options via popular channels plus social sharing icons and buttons so visitors are able utilize its capabilities quickly and effectively without worrying about regular updates or quality issues due to its reliability at providing solid service experience.

Types of Social Media Plugins

WordPress social media plugins can be divided into two main categories: sharing and feed. Social sharing plugins allow users to spread content on their social networks by way of icons, thus improving its visibility in turn, drawing more people back to your website. Meanwhile, a feed plugin is responsible for connecting feeds from various accounts directly onto yours, giving it additional reach while also showing visitors you have an active presence across multiple platforms. Both kinds are incredibly useful for adding better functionality and expanding exposure through proper integration with other social media profiles and outlets.

Social Sharing

When selecting a social sharing plugin, you must keep in mind your website’s specific requirements and the features and prices. This can help make sure that content reaches more people, resulting in increased engagement for growth. Social plugins provide multiple capabilities such as support across different networks, choices when it comes to placement or customization options. Some of the most popular include: AddToAnyShare Buttons, Monarch, Social Media Share Buttons and Social Warfare.

These types of plugins allow users to post their web material on their individual profiles which heightens site visibility thus traffic increases too.

Social Media Feeds

The integration of social media feed plugins can help your website better engage users and boost its presence across different platforms. With these plugins, visitors to the site are able to stay connected with content from all sources without needing to leave in order for it. WordPress offers a range of well-known options with customization capabilities, such as Smash Balloon Social Post Feed, EmbedSocial or 10Web Social Media Post Feed, which also have responsive designs as an option, moderating tools, and analytics functions for Analysis purposes. By leveraging this technology properly, you guarantee everyone visiting has access to not just any post, but specifically your latest posts on social media icons and networks like never before!

Top Social Media Feed Plugins for WordPress

When it comes to finding the perfect social media feed plugin for your WordPress website, these ones are highly recommended. All of them come with their own set of features and advantages that have been praised by users alike.

We’ve examined each one’s performance and user reviews before choosing our top picks – ensuring you get the best experience possible when customizing your site’s web pages!

The Best Social Media Feed Plugins for WordPress

Smash Balloon Social Post Feed

Smash Balloon Social Post Feed is a versatile plugin that allows users to create stunning social feeds together from multiple platforms. It can generate feeds based on timelines, hashtags or custom bio text and follow buttons for Instagram accounts. It provides SEO-friendly options as well as automatic updates when new photos are added so you never miss out! Setup and customization of the feed is easy too – with plenty of styling control available to match your website look & feel perfectly.

Smash Balloon Social Post Feed Pros include:

  • Easy customization options to match your website’s look & feel
  • Ability to generate feeds from multiple platforms (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Automatic updates when new posts are added
  • SEO-friendly features to ensure maximum visibility for your site
  • Secure and reliable – no need to worry about your content being taken down due to changes in platform policies
  • Fully mobile friendly and responsive, so the feed looks great on any device

Smash Balloon Social Post Feed Cons include:

  • Cost – this plugin does cost money, but the features & customization options make it worth the investment
  • Plugin compatibility – ensure that the plugin you are using is compatible with WordPress before installation
  • Limited customization and styling options – there are some limited styling control available within Smash Balloon Social Post Feed.
  • Limited support – if you encounter any issues or problems with your plugin, you will be limited in the amount of help and support available from Smash Balloon.

The Best Social Media Feed Plugins for WordPress


EmbedSocial is a plugin made for WordPress that allows users to post social media feeds, photo albums and reviews on their website. It has customisable designs that adapt to all types of devices and useful moderation tools and analytics features. This helpful tool offers free use. To various paid plans starting from $9 monthly.

EmbedSocial Pros include:

  • Customizable designs
  • Moderation tools and analytics
  • Free use with various paid plans starting from $9 monthly
  • Online community for support and help.

EmbedSocial Cons include:

  • Limited customization options
  • Difficulty understanding analytics data and reports
  • Additional fees for extended API access.

10Web Social Media Post Feed

Using the free 10Web Social Media Post Feed plugin, you can easily integrate your Facebook profile with WordPress and customize an unlimited number of your social media posts and feeds to display on your website. Premium licenses are available for six-month periods starting at $85.

It’s a great way to include a social feed into any Wordpress page while having control over its styling!

10Web Social Media Post Feed Pros include:

  • Easy integration with Wordpress
  • Custom styling for social media feeds
  • Affordable pricing for premium licenses.

10Web Social Media Post Feed Cons include:

  • Limited access to API tools
  • Lack of compatibility with other social media platforms.

The Best Social Media Feed Plugins for WordPress is a social media aggregator that allows you to integrate real-time feeds from various platforms into a customizable, engaging, social wall format on your WordPress site. With, increasing user engagement with your content and boosting visibility for any associated social accounts could be made easy – and it’s available as an economical free plan or a more feature-packed premium license costing $149 per year. Pros include:

  • A plethora of embedding options and customization possibilities
  • Ability to curate images, videos, and other content from leading social networks
  • Comprehensive analytics system for better understanding user engagement. Cons include:

  • Limited selection of post layout options
  • Requirement for sign up via Facebook

The Best Social Media Feed Plugins for WordPress is a plugin which allows for the effortless curation and display of social media content from various outlets in custom-built feeds. It has various features such as moderation capabilities, customized outputs, analytics tracking and more – all while offering free plans and paid options starting at $19/monthly. Its user-friendly design makes it incredibly easy to manipulate your own unique stream composed entirely out of diverse pieces sourced from different platforms. Giving you that competitive edge when it comes to utilizing social media content effectively! Pros include:

  • Easy to setup and manage
  • Moderation capabilities
  • Variety of content sources
  • Customizable design options
  • Affordable pricing plans Cons include:

  • Limited analytics tracking
  • Can be tricky to navigate for beginners
  • Data protection and privacy concerns

The Best Social Media Feed Plugins for WordPress

Jetpack Social Sharing

Jetpack Social Sharing is an extensively used plugin for WordPress websites, offering social media integration like buttons and feeds in customizable appearances. It provides tracking of shared content performance too – though this service requires payment to utilize fully. It may prove difficult when attempting to modify the look of these sharing options – yet all essential information concerning your accounts on various platforms can be easily disseminated using Jetpack’s services.

Jetpack Social Sharing Pros include:

  • Fast setup and free of charge.
  • Integration with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & LinkedIn.
  • Easy post sharing from the WordPress editor.

Jetpack Social Sharing Cons include:

  • Limited customization options available.
  • Paid services are required for full analytics tracking features.

The Best Social Media Feed Plugins for WordPress

WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja is the perfect choice when it comes to social media plugin solutions. It enables you to effortlessly set up and customize a wide variety of features, as well as providing regular updates for maximum effectiveness.

This state-of-the-art social media package helps you monitor your presence on various popular social media sites while also boosting the number of followers, all in one go! Make sure that WP Social Ninja remains your top pick if managing digital connections through social networks matters greatly to you.

WP Social Ninja Pros include:

  • Easy integration with WordPress websites
  • Robust analytics reporting for deeper insights into user behavior
  • Ability to customize and schedule posts in advance
  • Automation capabilities for more efficient management of accounts
  • Support for multiple social networks at once, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.

WP Social Ninja Cons include:

  • Lack of support for microblogging platforms (such as Tumblr)
  • Limited customization options for some social networks (for example, Instagram captions can only be up to 200 characters)
  • No third-party integration with popular email marketing services like MailChimp or Constant Contact.

The Best Social Media Feed Plugins for WordPress

Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social is a great way to showcase social media feeds on your WordPress website. Our platform ensures an intimate and insightful conversation between people, while offering customizable options for maximum personalization. You’ll need more intricate shortcode embedding compared to Smash Balloon but still get access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube streams of content regardless! Furthermore, oEmbeds aren’t supported yet unfortunately. We prioritize meaningful conversations as top priority so rest assured you will have plenty of opportunities for dialogue among users!

Feed Them Social Pros include:

  • Easy setup and deployment
  • Ability to customize feeds for maximum personalization
  • Access to social media streams of content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube
  • Ability to moderate conversations and control the flow of user interaction

Feed Them Social Cons include:

  • Limited support for oEmbeds
  • Must manually embed shortcodes each time content is accessed

The Best Social Media Feed Plugins for WordPress


SpotlightWP is an easy-to-use plugin that can seamlessly integrate your Instagram feed into a WordPress website. This allows you to promote and showcase any photos, bio text, or follow buttons quickly and conveniently on the web page. It’s perfect for displaying personal portfolios or using as part of a marketing campaign with its simple customization options!

With SpotlightWP it’s never been easier to bring your Instagram content onto a Wordpress site in no time at all.

SpotlightWP include:

  • Easy setup with just the click of a button
  • Includes multiple layout and style options
  • Has built-in caching for maximum website performance
  • Responsive design so your Instagram content looks great on any device.

SpotlightWP Cons include:

  • Limited support for older browsers
  • Can be slow to load if there are already many plugins installed on the WordPress site
  • Widget customization can become tedious for more complex websites.

Tips for Choosing the Right Social Media Network Plugin

When it comes to selecting the ideal social media platform plugin for your WordPress website, there are many options, and deciding which one is right can be tough. But by bearing in mind some key criteria such as what kind of site you have, the capabilities needed and how much money you want or can spend, this process becomes easier. With so many tools out there today related to Social Media integration into sites like Wordpress, being able to identify those that meet all requirements will make them even more effective in increasing interaction with users online.

Assess Your Needs

When integrating best social media plugins, begin by assessing your goals and expectations. This will help you pick the best plugins for what you need with regards to content type, targeting platforms, and customization levels. Evaluate these features as well as costs when making a decision on which one to use. Remember that all of this needs to fit in line with whatever objectives are outlined prior.

Compare Features and Pricing

When examining the features of each plugin in your list, concentrate on those that are relevant to you and your website. Assess them separately to determine which one provides what you need then evaluate their relative merits so as to select the most suitable option for yourself.

Also consider any costs associated with purchasing or utilizing it along with additional charges that might be imposed too.

Read Reviews to ensure the plugin is well supported

Reviews and testimonials from other users should be thoroughly checked before selecting a social media plugin for your website. Make sure the chosen plugin is well supported with regular updates in order to ensure its compatibility with the latest versions of your platform. Reading user reviews will provide an insight into how effective the particular social media tool truly is.

Check that plugin is compatible with your WordPress Website

Before making a definitive determination, make sure that the selected plugin is suitable with your site platform and its specific form. This will ward off potential similarity problems and guarantee that it operates well on your page. Analyze the ratings of this plugin before you confirm so as to make sure it can be trusted.

It’s essential to also ensure compatibility prior purchasing in order for efficient operations once integrated into your website – guaranteeing there are no issues between platforms or versions available.


By taking into account your particular requirements, comparing services and their costs, checking customer reviews as well as guaranteeing compatibility you can be sure to make the correct decision regarding a social media plugin for your WordPress website. Doing so will considerably enhance user experience, bring in more visitors and increase brand awareness – it’s time to start tapping into the power of social networks now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add social media feed to my WordPress site?

Installing the Tagembed WordPress Plugin is an easy way to include a social media feed on your WordPress site. After activating the plugin, you need to make an account and grab its embed code which will help showcase dynamic content from your social media followers across multiple platforms in no time at all! This plugin also gives you options of customizing both how it looks and what type of content should be displayed, along with being able to set up filters.

What is the best Instagram plugin for WordPress?

In 2023, the top Instagram plugins for WordPress are Smash Balloon’s Instagram Feed Pro, RafflePress, Uncanny Automator, Revive Old Posts, and Envira Gallery. Soliloquy and 10Web Social Photo Feed along with Simple Social Icons, have been seen to be highly rated by users in their reviews and comparisons.

What are your top 5 WordPress plugins?

My top five most used WordPress plugins are WP Rocket, Yoast SEO, Imagify, Redirection and Loco Translate. All of which have gained millions of active installations. With more than 5M users for the former plugin to a total of 700K installations on the last one.

What are the benefits of using a social media network plugin on my WordPress website?

Integrating a social media platform plugin into a WordPress site can prove to be very advantageous, as it allows for more engaging user experiences and optimized promotion of content. The administration process is simplified by these various media plugins for wordpress, which lead to enhanced engagement and growth potential.

This results in higher website traffic levels along with better conversion rates that generate customer loyalty, all due to the utility offered by social media plugins embedded on the platform. Users have access to convenient social media sharing options thus enabling smoother interactions between other visitors while they get their message across quickly and effectively through such means as well.

Then, incorporating an appropriate social media plugin within your own WP website will bring significant advantages when done correctly – from improved interaction right up to increased growth opportunities without compromising any useful information or even tonality throughout its implementation.

How do I choose the right WordPress social media plugin for my WordPress website?

When selecting a social media plugin for your WordPress website, evaluate what you need and desire from the software. Compare features, pricing, reviews, and its compatibility with your platform. Doing research will guarantee that you get great value from it. Look at which functions are offered, cost and if the technology is compatible with your website framework. Read users’ reports to comprehend how smoothly it works and whether or not this meets all of the needs and requirements.

Can Pixel Fish set up a Social Media Feed into my website?

Yes, Pixel Fish can help you with setting up a Social Media Feed from your social media platforms into your WordPress site. Our team of experts can work with you to ensure that the plugin is tailored to suit your specific needs, and that it works seamlessly within the framework of your website. We provide ongoing support in making sure the plugin operates optimally and offers maximum functionality.

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