10 Top Web Designer Traits You Should Look Out For

Dec 15, 2022 | Website Design, WordPress

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Kevin Fouche

10 Top Web Designer Traits You Should Look Out For

Posted by Kevin Fouche, Pixel Fish Director

Kevin handles the planning, design, launch and training of every website that Pixel Fish creates. He ensures that every website is highly engaging and aligned with our client’s goals. With over 20 years of design and web industry experience to draw upon, Kevin aims to pass on his knowledge to our clients and like-minded businesses wanting to grow their online presence.

Choosing the right web designer to work with can be a difficult task. Finding that perfect someone with the ideal balance of creativity and tech understanding can make or break your website project.

The 10 web designer traits and qualities of every good web designer are often debated. However, we have a list that we think is pretty comprehensive.

In our list, you’ll see some of the most common and high-quality traits a web designer can have and that you should look for in yours.

10 Top Web Designer Traits

1. A good website designer empathises with the users.

Good web designers think about what matters to the users coming to your site. They try to understand the potential problems and pitfalls that they would find and avoid them in their designs. They work hard to give the end user what they need from your site, giving you a better chance at earning their business.

2. A good website designer relies on data

It’s tempting to rely on your instincts when building a website. However, you have to rely on data. Usability testing decides what even the most fickle users want. User data creates information you never knew existed and can help lead the web designer in a different direction from one they were planning. A good web designer will apply the data to the design. They also need to work across platforms to make sure that the data is understood and implemented correctly. Not only that, web designers must work with your site’s analytics to change your site as needed.

Data is not just a metric; it’s a way to learn how to navigate your site to its best advantage. Web designers don’t just use data to change your design; they use it to understand the web site and how to make it better in many different ways. Data is important for many aspects of the web site, not just the design.

3. Good website designers make it simple for the end users to use your site

If a person has to put in a great deal of effort to understand your design and navigate it, they will not stay on your website. A good web designer understands that and will make your design simple, efficient and easy to understand.

Confusing websites only make end users confused. This sends them on to another website that won’t confuse them and you’ll lose business.

4. A good designer knows how to keep his or her ego in check

They’ll understand that a change you want to make isn’t because they’re not a good web designer; it’s because you want the change for business reasons. The web designer will also put his or her tastes aside and do what’s best for the website. User goals are of the utmost importance. They understand this and act accordingly.

5. A good designer knows when to yield and when to defend their ground

A good web designer listens to others’ opinions. However, when it comes time to decide, they do what’s best for the website. If a web designer is effective, they can admit that someone else’s idea is best for the site and implement it. However, there are some occasions when the web designer does know best and a good web designer knows how to politely yet firmly stand their ground to do what’s best for the project.

6. A good web designer uses white space as a sculpting tool

White space, aka negative space, helps fill the empty canvas. A good designer understands this and uses it appropriately to make the site clean and good-looking. White space can guide a viewer toward certain text or an image. It can also increase the readability of the page. It’s essential and knowing how to use it is a hallmark of a good web designer.

7. A good web designer satisfies the needs of the user

Users need to feel secure in the design to make proper use of it. The web designer must make sure that the design is functional, first and foremost. They must also make it reliable. The site should be up when people come to visit it. Finally, it should be intuitive to the user so they can use it naturally and without a learning curve.

8. A good web designer knows that appearance affects functionality

The site must be pleasant to look at. Otherwise, no one will visit the site for very long. Aesthetically-pleasing sites actually comfort the user and make them want to stay on the site. A good web designer knows how to make the design both functional and appealing.

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9. A good web designer communicates with the user through interface communications

User feedback occurs when the user has a ‘conversation’ with the UI (User Interface) itself. Great web designers know that this happens and plan for it. They understand what the end user wants and make it flow into the design so that it’s seamless and functional while not detracting from the site overall. A great example is the 404 page. What a web designer does with that will show you what a good web designer is. They’ll make it functional yet interesting enough to keep your users on-site to find another page to look for.

10. A good web designer doesn’t underestimate good copywriting

A good website needs good copy. If the text has grammatical errors or is too terse, then end users aren’t going to want to read the rest of the site. You need to strike a balance between search engine optimisation and good copy. It takes good content to do this. A good web designer will understand that and may be able to perform this service for you or will know who to refer you to. Good copywriting is an essential part of any website.

What to ask your Web Designer before you engage in their services

Now that you understand what a web designer does and the importance of good copy, it’s important to make sure you ask the right questions before engaging in their services. Firstly, always ask for examples of similar websites they have designed. Ensure they demonstrate their skills in responsive design and UI/UX design. Additionally, it is important to clarify their knowledge of SEO and social media integration. Finally, inquire about their level of commitment to customer service and any additional costs for updates or changes after the website is designed. When you are satisfied with the answers to these questions, you can more confidently decide on your web designer.

Good copywriting should be specific and straightforward while still engaging and informative. By working with a web design company, you can ensure that your website will be built to look professional, represent your brand well, perform on different platforms and devices, capture leads and generate sales.

Having the right web designer is essential for creating an effective website. It’s important to do your research to find the best web designer for your business. Understanding the company’s portfolio and skill level, their available services, budget, customer service policies and timeline should all be considered before making a decision. Once you have selected your web design partner, it’s important to ask questions about the project details such as the number of pages, what technology will be used and what content management system will be deployed. Establishing a timeline, outlining deliverables and setting reasonable expectations is also essential to ensure the success of your project. With the right web design company, you can expect reliable results that meet all of your business needs, now and in the future.

Great web designers have all of these traits in common. To find a good web designer, contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

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