Being Authentic In Business And Why It’s Critical To Your Website

Nov 28, 2018 | Business Tips

Kevin Fouche

Being Authentic In Business And Why It’s Critical To Your Website

Posted by Kevin Fouche, Pixel Fish Director

Kevin handles the planning, design, launch and training of every website that Pixel Fish creates. He ensures that every website is highly engaging and aligned with our client’s goals. With over 20 years of design and web industry experience to draw upon, Kevin aims to pass on his knowledge to our clients and like-minded businesses wanting to grow their online presence.

Authenticity in business matters more than you may think. In fact, being authentic online can be vital to the success of your business. Let’s see How Being Authentic In Business And Why It’s Critical To Your Website.

In our day-to-day lives, when a person’s actions match their words, we view that person as sincere, honest and real. Their integrity delivers esteem and garners respect. In the same way, this is true for how people view your business.

In our modern marketplace, and in particular, in e-commerce transactions, customers seek an experience with your brand. An experience needs to create value while remaining both honest and transparent. Authenticity, like trust, is not instantly attainable. Authenticity must be earned over time, usually through various consumer interactions with your business and brand. For this reason, every social media post, communication and part of your website must reflect your brand’s authenticity. Just like trust, authenticity is often hard to establish and easy to undo.

As we enter into a business relationship, online or in person, we seek reliability and trustworthiness. Ultimately, we want to know who we are in business with. When a small start-up business postures itself as a large, successful, long-standing concern, it risks losing all credibility when the truth emerges (and it always does).

Being authentic online and why it is important

When our lives are becoming more virtual, it is easy – and even tempting – to project a false image of ourselves and our business to the world. Recently, we’ve all witnessed an excess when it comes to all things phony, false and untrustworthy online. From fake news to photo-shopped images, from privacy breaches to data theft and reality shows devoid of all reality – people have had enough!

Facebook’s latest roll-out of significant changes is evidence that people are talking with their feet by walking away from online spuriousness. The tide has now turned, and people are craving genuine interactions. This recent course of events means people are savvier, more suspicious and better informed than ever before and will undoubtedly scrutinize your online business presence in their wariness of scams.  

Businesses that have always understood the need for authenticity are thriving and prospering. If you haven’t considered the authenticity of your business before, now is the time to do so. Being authentic in business is hugely beneficial for both the business and it’s customers.

How will ensuring my business’s online presence is authentic benefit my business?

When a friend shares a business, product or service post with their friends, you know they trust that brand. To achieve this level of trust, your business must be honest and authentic.

Building your business’ authenticity will:

  •       Raise your business above the competition
  •       Encourage engagement with your audience
  •       Forge your business identity as being reliable, trustworthy and honest
  •       Enable your business to become relatable and influential
  •       Inspire people to have confidence in your products and services

Deciding that authenticity in your business is vital comes with a sense of freedom.  Being honest and true to yourself means dropping the pretence, which frees your energy so you can focus on propelling your business forward. The added benefit of doing the things the right way is that you build credibility with every step along the way.

Open and honest businesses tend to survive and thrive, while many sham businesses fail. Taking steps now to ensure your business begins to build its authenticity, particularly online, will pay off for you now, and well into the future. If you want to chat with our team about how your website can best authentically reflect your business and brand, simply click here. 

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