11 of the Best Divi Wordpress Theme features you should know

Sep 15, 2015 | Website Design, WordPress

Kevin Fouche

11 of the Best Divi Wordpress Theme features you should know

Posted by Kevin Fouche, Pixel Fish Director

Kevin handles the planning, design, launch and training of every website that Pixel Fish creates. He ensures that every website is highly engaging and aligned with our client’s goals. With over 20 years of design and web industry experience to draw upon, Kevin aims to pass on his knowledge to our clients and like-minded businesses wanting to grow their online presence.

The world first got to know DIVI in December 2013 and it has very quickly become the ‘go to’ theme for WordPress and Web Design enthusiasts word-wide.

DIVI has built a cult-like following over the last year or so and with it’s latest release DIVI 2.5 which supersedes 2.4, designers around the world are salivating at some of its new features. Literally ANYTHING is possible with DIVI 2.5 and to stand out of the crowd the emphasis of good design has never been more important.

Here are 11 of the very The very Best Divi Wordpress Theme features you should know.

1. Increased usability

With the release of DIVI 2.5 by Elegant Themes came a great improvement to user experience. The release was based on saving time and removing unnecessary steps in the editing process.

Creating more similarities between standard computer functions and DIVI has been the main feature when improving the user experience. The introduction of the right mouse click was the first stand out feature that will speed up your editing. Right clicking on any section, row, or module within the DIVI builder will now present you with a list of quick functions such as copy & paste or disabling modules to be seen on the front end of your website.

Another game changer with the new release of DIVI has been the live preview function. Gone are the days of hitting update on your website and checking the live front end to see if you have made the right style decision. This quick view window gives you a section preview of what you have been editing and allows you to make faster decisions when designing.

Within this preview function is a secondary element that lets you not only preview what your building but check out the preview on different device screen sizes. Huge time saver!

The very best new features of DIVI by Elegant Themes

Every element that has been added to the new DIVI release has had the end user in mind and will transform the way in which a designer builds websites and how a user can edit them. It has closed the gab between the designer and the client by allowing the designer to lock down sections and simplify the DIVI builder to reduce confusion when editing. 

2. Global Modules & Settings

The very best new features of DIVI by Elegant Themes

Call to actions (or CTA’s as we call it in the design community) are a must have feature on a website if you want to guide your users to get in touch. But creating or editing these on every page of your site can be very time consuming! DIVI global modules have eliminated this problem and streamlined the website build. Now being able to save rows, modules and even styling settings allows you to place these throughout your website. Any edits done to a global element will be performed throughout the rest of the similar modules. Having the Sync settings function gives you the option to load in styling settings that will create similar typography styles, button styles and background colours.

Keep this feature in mind next time you place in a core CTA in your website or you want to highlight a point of different your business wants to showcase. 

3. Full Width Functionality

The very best new features of DIVI by Elegant Themes

Full width websites are trending at the moment and DIVI’s new functionality gives you a blank canvas to create a stand out modern website. Picture starting with a full width header filling the screen with amazing high quality images that showcases your business, then scrolling into 3 blurb modules that sum up your offerings and finishing on a full width project gallery of your work, this is the perfect example of how you can capture your audiences attention using DIVI’s new stylish design features.

Anyone and everyone can use DIVI but making it look good is a different story. Adding this full width functionality, high resolution images, Photoshop skills and a killer designer will ensure you’re onto a winner.

Click here to see an example of a DIVI full width website. 

4. New Footer Layouts & Widget Styling

The very best new features of DIVI by Elegant Themes

Customising your footer layout and styling has given DIVI a strong point of difference. The introduction of 8 new footer column layouts has allowed you to create a website that suits you. Your footer background colour, website text styles, and overall colour scheme of your site all influence how you should style your footer text styles. DIVI has put these settings back in your hands with a new set of widget text style settings. 

5. Advanced Module Design Settings

The very best new features of DIVI by Elegant Themes

Don’t know how to code or understand CSS? With DIVI 2.5 that’s not a problem, you can use the new advanced design settings to change colours, typefaces, sizes and padding throughout your website.  With so many settings now available you can personalise every element and don’t need to go back to your web designer for every change required. Try testing out these settings and previewing them with the quick preview function on your DIVI site to see how flexible this theme has become. 

6. Increased Layout Possibilities

The very best new features of DIVI by Elegant Themes

There are limitless ways to combine colours, fonts, text styles, and layouts options when it comes DIVI 2.5. Presenting you with a blank canvas, this theme isn’t like others as it relies you to piece together rows, columns and modules to transform it into a unique stand out website. Even the menu and navigation comes with numerous possibilities for you to style. Now you have control over your logos height, position within the menu and even if its placed on coloured or transparent background. You can decide whether you have a fixed navigation or even hiding it all together until the user scrolls, every element is in your hands!

Click here to get some inspiration and find out what is possible with DIVI 2.5 

7. Background & Border Options

The very best new features of DIVI by Elegant Themes

Previous DIVI gave you the option to add background colours to rows and sections but this update has taken it one step further. You now have complete control over the column backgrounds as well. Adding in colours, images or even videos can help you achieve really cool effects behind your information.

Along with this feature comes the new column height standardisation option which help prevent uneven column heights and placing in unwanted content to fill in space. Borders can now be added to help your content stand off  image backgrounds without covering them or even just as a simple way to frame information. 

8.Typography options

The very best new features of DIVI by Elegant Themes

Typography can really help the appearance of a website and styling it used to be hard. But not any more! No coding or heading settings are needed to change the font, colour, size, weight, line height, spacing of your text. Incorporating this design element to your website can transform a simple block of text into something your audience will want to read. 

9. Introducing the DIVI Library

The very best new features of DIVI by Elegant Themes

The DIVI Library is one of the highlights of this update. It is now your website hub, giving you a place to save your modules, sections, rows and even entire layouts. Then add these into any page as your build to save time and keep things consistent. 

10. DIVI 2.5 Builder now possible on posts

The very best new features of DIVI by Elegant Themes

With blogging becoming so big in the online world, having a point of difference and giving people a reason to read your posts is becoming extremely important.

Now your can create story like blog posts that flow between images and content. Using the DIVI builder in blog posts can help you create stunning layouts and display your post title and featured image in a more creative way.

Click here to check out some of the Elegant Theme live post demo to see how it’s done! 

11. WooCommerce shop ready to go!


Elegant themes DIVI theme is out of the box ready for you to integrate your WooCommerce online store and works seamlessly with the stylish DIVI design. Having a theme that is WooCommerce compatible means there will be no coding to get your store going and transform it into a modern selling tool.

Click here to see a WooCommerce online store built using DIVI.

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