WordPress Website Hosting and Maintenance

Tired of slow loading times, frustrating downtime, and unresponsive website support?

At Pixel Fish, we do more than provide lightning-fast and reliable web hosting services; we also provide professional website support and maintenance for hundreds of businesses Australia-wide.

We can help with our WordPress Website Hosting and Maintenance Services.

WordPress Website Hosting and Maintenance

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Step 1

Your Website

Is your website:

  • Built on WordPress?
  • Does it use a theme or page builder such as DIVI or Elementor?

If the answer is yes to these two questions, we may be able to help.

List of Website Issues

Please ensure that you have a list of all the issues you are currently experiencing.

We need to understand if there are any current/past issues you are looking to resolve.



Step 2

Get in touch with us

Call us on 1300 631 099 or fill in our form below.

In order to see if we can help, we ask for the following:

WordPress Admin

We require WordPress Admin access to look at how the website has been built and identify what themes and plugins are in place and driving the website functionality.

Hosting/DNS Access

Confirm you have full access to website hosting and domain DNS to ensure a smooth migration can take place.


Step 3

Security Scan

We will install WordFence and perform a security scan. If this is successful, we can proceed.

Website Preparation

Before migrating the website, we require you to do the following:

  • Update WordPress, your Theme & Plugins and check that the site is functioning
  • Remove any Themes/Plugins that are not in use
  • Ensure that all premium plugins are licenced (if any)

We require the above to be performed because one key aspect of our maintenance is keeping websites up to date. We need to ensure that the website we inherit is up to date, working correctly, and with all premium plugins properly licensed. Otherwise, we inherit a site that we can not service.

Step 4

Choose your Plan

Select a suitable Website Hosting, Support & Maintenance plan you want to be on. We will be able to provide you with advice to help you make your decision. Click here to view our plans


We will work with you to plan a business day (Monday – Friday) that suits you, so can schedule your migration. During this day, no edits can be made to the website.

Migration Cost

We charge a $660 inc GST for migrating your website from your existing provider to our servers. This is invoiced to activate the project.

Website Hosting, Support & Maintenance

Once your site is migrated onto our servers, you will experience professional Website Hosting, Support & Maintenance.

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