Cantle Carmichael Legal gets a modern new site!

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Cantle Carmichael Legal is a Newcastle based law firm with focus on commercial, workplace, property and insurance law

Cantle Carmichael Legal recently appointed Pixel Fish to deliver a new website that was modern and stylish to promote their quality legal services and compliment their new branding.

They recently had some fabulous feedback from one of their clients that we thought we would share:

Just went for a walk around your website!  I think it is excellent. Tells you everything you need to know without overloading the reader with non-essential info. If it was a dress I would describe it as very elegant and worth every penny.

Please go check out Cantle Carmichael Legal:

If you would like to find out more about Pixel Fish’s fantastic affordable WordPress websites please call our friendly team on 02 9114 9813 or email us at


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June 26, 2015